About Us

About Us

…among the fastest, most compatible, flexible, user-friendly, and least dictatorial in the business…”

“…the future of your investment portfolio is on the line…”

“…among the fastest, most compatible, flexible, user-friendly, and least dictatorial in the business…”

…carefully researched statistics and up-to the-minute rate updates…”

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For decades National CD Rateline has always kept its eye on the ball. We continue to devote high-end services, quality time, a mind open to flexible working arrangements, and over 100 combined years of trading experience to the ongoing improvement of funding and investment Jumbo CD transactions in the national marketplace. Our exponentially growing roster of community and regional banking and credit union peers have come to regard themselves as among the most important business people in the country. Because to us, they are.

We constantly strive to outdo ourselves, delivering out-of-the-box financial concepts in creating and investing wealth to help you achieve a fiscal position beyond your expectations.

Over the years our team of professionals has worked with thousands of institutional buyers and sellers nationwide who utilize our services to directly place investments or attract deposits. We offer among the highest return of excess liquidity and the lowest total cost to attract non-brokered core deposits with daily settlements.

If one aspect of our service stands above all others… and it does… it is the way in which we have turned the advances in electronic technology to our advantage. And to the great benefit of our clients.

It is an open secret that the streamlined ease of our internet buy/sell transactions are among the fastest, most compatible, most flexible, most user-friendly, and least dictatorial in the business. Indeed, the inventive simplicity of our client learning curve is the envy of the industry.


Time is money. In the funding and investing marketplace, as in no other sector of today’s economy, timing is crucial to the rate at which your business fortunes appreciate.

At any given moment of every day, the future of your investment portfolio is on the line. That’s why it’s imperative… whether as a bank, credit union, or savings and loan association… that you have instantaneous online access to the real-time buying and selling of the most qualified traders active in the market. Your ability to attract deposits or invest excess liquidity can depend on making split-second decisions based solely on your fiscal instincts and having at hand the high-quality, accurate information that informs and enables them.

At National CD Rateline, we guage our success on our ability to help clients capitalize on this phenomenon, by making time your partner in putting your money to work for you.

Thanks to the ever-evolving technological innovations offered by National CD Rateline, our subscribers are granted insider access to an elite forum of institutional buyers and sellers. Always a click away, they make it possible for you to scan the current national market and obtain Jumbo CD rates most advantageous to your situation.

We lay everything on the line. No time-consuming downloads. No third-party transactions or per-transaction fees. No cap on investments or the funding you attract. One click trading with our e-CD program. Contact telephone numbers and wiring instructions are yours at the touch of a key. Our single cost-effective subscription rate covers everything.

These days, your portfolio simply can’t afford the time-consuming luxuries of the past. In their place National CD Rateline offers you a wealth of instantaneous information and contacts, working in synergy to maximize your interests.

Our experience has been that clients appreciate the appreciation.

Word From Our President

Over my more than two decades of trading professionally in the national marketplace, I became convinced that what our industry needed if we were to remain a viable factor in the financial mix was a more efficient and economical way to buy and sell Jumbo CDs.

In 1999, teaming up with a handpicked coterie of expert consultants in Internet technologies, as well as several of the industry’s top computer programmers, I set out to develop an innovative Jumbo CD methodology.

National CD Rateline is the successful result of our efforts. We are an online advertising service that enables buyers and sellers to deal directly with one another. There are no time- and money-consuming intermediaries. Our clients do not pay a commission or per-transaction fee. Each trade is a direct deposit and relationship between buyer and seller.

Financial institution regulators typically frown upon third party broker transactions (hot money) because of their high cost and volatility. Typically, they leave you with little control of your deposits upon maturity. National CD Rateline prevents any such third party control of deposits.

Our system delivers direct access to a captive audience trading daily in the national markets. Depositories set and update their rates directly on the system. Investors deal directly with institutions from the initial investment through maturity and rollover. At any given moment, all the information you need to evaluate each financial institution is at your fingertips on the National CD Rateline system.

We are running a business just like you are. I understand the uniquely instantaneous nature of your challenges. And like you I want to deliver a product that produces results in this pressure-packed environment. No easier system is available today to provide the time sensitive data you need more quickly or accurately. National CD Rateline is the preeminently smart choice for those seeking to save time and money in today’s marketplace.

I look forward to working with you to prove that time… well spent… indeed is money.


Brian M. Amundsen

The Community

Like many successful corporate organization's today, a rock solid cornerstone on which we have built National CD Rateline is the enlightened value we place on giving back to the community, the country, the causes that touched those near and dear to us.

We are glad to be able to help nationally and regionally recognized non-profit organizations dedicated to those in need. And we do so on a regular basis. We give back because it reaffirms our sense of what we stand for, who we are.

Our pride of accomplishment is tempered with the recognition that we owe much of our success to the basic tenets on which America was founded: generosity of spirit and a helping hand. This conviction guides us in contributing time and financial assistance to a spectrum of major worthy endeavors such as these:

  • Easter Seals
  • The Christopher Reeves Foundation
  • The United Spinal Association
  • The Eastern Wheelchair Athletes Foundation
  • Breast Cancer Foundations
  • College Scholarship Funding
  • Parkinson’s Disease Foundations
  • Autism Foundations

As long we continue to prosper, we intend to see that groups like these and those they represent continue to grow and flourish apace.

Due Diligence

National CD Rateline Inc. is a privately held S-Corporation incorporated under the laws of New York State in 1997. The Company conducts a Rate Service which lists carefully researched statistics and up-to the-minute rate updates so that subscribers can deal directly with financial institutions regarding federally insured CDs (up to $250,000.00 per account) in the National Market.

"National CD Rateline Inc. has been profitable since 1999 and continues to show significant spurts of growth today and in plans for the future. The Company's management makes this growth possible through innovative marketing campaigns, sales presentations, participation in financial conventions and guest-speaking engagements. We consider National CD Rateline Inc. to be one of our finest accounts." Steven Albanese, Certified Public Accountant.

Our Customer Service Staff at National CD Rateline Inc. calls the Company's clients on a quarterly basis, addresses any questions and asks for suggestions to improve the Service. Follow-ups are then made on these suggestions and most are incorporated into the Service.

National CD Rateline Inc.'s customer base is completely confidential. No lists are ever sold by the Company. These facts are written into the customer’s Subscription Agreement.

National CD Rateline Inc.'s Security and Backup Policy:

  • Servers reside beside a firewall.
  • Virus-protection software is updated continually with the most current virus definitions.
  • Servers are co-located in New York City. The building has generator backup and 24-hour maintenance should emergency repairs be needed.
  • Server hard drives are configured for RAID5 for data integrity.
  • Tape backup is scheduled nightly.
  • Servers are mirrored to locations in New York City, Vermont and our location in Long Island NY.
  • Bandwidth: we have 10M bps.
  • All customer portfolio data can be exported to a local PC in an excel format.
  • Web pages pertaining to a portfolio are secure certificates issued by Equifax Secure Certificate Authority.
  • Email is scanned for incoming and outgoing viruses by Norton Anti Virus.

Over 50,000 calls are made per month by National CD Rateline Inc.'s personnel to banks, savings & loans, credit unions and other institutions. Every bank in the country is contacted.

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